SOLO card for online betting

Solo is a debit card in the United Kingdom. It is a sister to the Maestro debit card. Solo was launched in 1997 for use on deposit accounts, as well as by customers who do not qualify for a Switch (now Maestro) card on current accounts.

Solo is issued as a multifunction cash card by NatWest and The Royal Bank of Scotland to customers over the age of 11 and by HSBC Bank (formerly Midland Bank) to customers over the age of 13. Like its main rival, Visa Electron, Solo cards require all transactions receive electronic authorisation from the issuing bank. Such authorisation will not be given if there are insufficient cleared funds in the cardholder's account. Upon successful authorization, the funds are either immediately transferred or placed on hold for later transfer.

Acceptance is not as widespread as Maestro, but has increased substantially in recent years. Solo cards usually function as Maestro for use abroad.